Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Choosing Your Jailer (or) Why Your Vote Doesn't Count

For today I'm going to put away my "sniper rifle" and take out my "shotgun" for some scattershooting ... if you will. Beware: the rants you are about to witness are broad, quick, and messy. Never-the-less, they are on target, so don't get too comfy.

The word of the day is politics. It's one week from "election" day (yes, I purposely used quotation marks ... as opposed to these folks). I started this blog with the intention of eventually writing a politically charged rant at some point, but constantly put it off. Debating politics is like winning the special Olympics ... even if you win the government has you by the short hairs. In any event, I wanna share my brain droppings, because I know you wanna lap up my droppings to fuel your brain.

What a gross start to an otherwise innocuous blog entry.

Political rallies: Who goes to these things? How little of a life to you have to have to actually WANT to go hang out with thousands of sweaty idiots so you can all scream, idolize, chant, and otherwise lick the boot of whatever megalomaniacle fascist you think will look good in the annals of history as "serving the American people"? The speeches are always the same fluff about how, "I'm going to do so many good things for you, and my opponent wants to do so many bad things to you." Yeah? I'm sure you're right about one of those things, however anybody who is power hungry enough to be the president wants to do it for THEMSELVES, not for you. I will never understand why people love rallies so much. My High School even had a School Pride Rally once, and I was forced to be there. Rallies are nothing more than a bucket of filth for people whose taste buds has been microwaved into numbness and who crave something rather than something substantial.

Racism: I was listening to NPR in my car today. It was a bunch of black mothers who flat out said that they are voting for Obama because he's (a)capable of being the president, and (b) black like them. I'm sorry, but is this not racism in the stupidest degree? I know for a fact that if white folks went all over the TV and radio saying that they're voting McCain because he's capable of being president, and white like them, they would be hung in effigy quicker than you can look up how to spell "effigy" ... which I had to do ... I gave it two e's and no i the first time around.
On top of the blatant and flagrant racism of these women they mentioned how they want Obama to win so that when they tell their children "you can grow up to do or be whatever you please" they don't have to say it with a grain of salt, because they'll have President Obama for proof. Excuse me, but NO ... no one can grow up to become whatever they want. That is the biggest American Lie there is. A kid with a missing leg can't grow up to beat Michael Phelps' gold medal record just because he wants to, and a child who wants to be superman simply will never have super powers. This isn't really a political statement, so much as it's a simple fact. I hope I never have to say this again, but Mick Jagger was right - you can't always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes you might just find you get what you need. And some people need to be put in prison ... regardless of growing up wanting to be a felon/President.

Which doesn't necessarily bring me to ... Rhetoric! Now, hear me out, here ... I don't want either man for president, and I will be equally displeased with whichever one wins. Continuing ... I've seen the debates, and video of the rallies. I know the rhetoric. It's Obama saying "Change" ad infinitum ad nauseum, and McCain saying "Experience" ad infinitum ad nauseum. But neither man addresses each other ... ESPECIALLY during debate, when they are supposed to address each other. McCain doesn't logically tackle Obama's premise that change is necessary, nor does he discuss the changes he would make. And when confronting Obama on experience, he doesn't try to express WHY experience is a necessity. Nor does Obama address McCains claim that experience is prerequisite for election, and he certainly doesn't explain why change is good. Hitler changed Germany, so clearly "Change" isn't a platitude worthy of being pronounced a priori. I'm sick of the meaningless banter, the empty rhetoric, and the banal debates. My ears and intellect are too good to put up with, this, or any other year.

Why don't I like Obama? There's too many reasons. In no particular order:
He is anti-gun. He has too many times made it clear that the second amendment means nothing to him. He's repeatedly voted to ban guns, which is fundamentally anti-American, and anti-freedom. No one can reasonably be called free, unless he can lawfully protect themselves, and guns are dreadfully important both in defense against crooks, and especially in defense against crooked government, as was the purpose in writing the second amendment.
He is pro-death. The man has voted to take away the most basic freedom of any human, and that is to exist. I've heard every argument from pro-abortion puppets, and none of them hold water. Calling it a "right to chose" is incredibly dangerous - yes, people DO have certain rights, but ending a human life when unprovoked never was, and never will be a right, no matter what the government says. And all this stuff about a fetus not being a human is (forgive the oxymoron) clear crap. A sperm will always be a sperm forever, till it fertilizes an egg or dies. And an egg will always be an egg till it's fertilized or dies. Neither of them grow, neither of them lasts, and we flush them down the toilet every day. However, at conception ... at the moment that egg is fertilized, it is now something that will naturally grow and develop. YOU were never a sperm, or an egg ... however you WERE a fetus, and that much is fact.
He is pro-war. This one almost makes me laugh, in that so many people are going to vote for him under the pretense that he is anti-war, because he says he's for a withdrawal from Iraq. But he has said plenty of times ... and I heard him say it at the very first presidential debate, that he wants to take the troops out of Iraq to put them elsewhere in Asia - North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, etc. This is far from anti-war. You know the A+TT commercials that advertise "More bars, in more places"? Obama wants more war, in more places. A preemptive war is an unjust war. This is like the movie Minority Report; they punish you for crimes that you didn't even do. It's absolutely unjust.

Why don't I like McCain? Too many reasons.
He's pro-war ... that one is self explanatory.
He's pro abortion, so long as you say you were raped, or got knocked up from a family member.
He's anti-second amendment, in that there are guns he'd like to ban. He also willfully ignores how anti-gun his "opponent" is.
And he's just more of the same thing. Just like Obama will be more of the same thing.

Hence the title of this entry. Whoever wins, I guarantee you that America will lose. Because both of these candidates support huge government control, oppose constitutional freedoms, and will further America's decline into the belly of the beast. The presidential system of government, as it is in America, is clearly flawed, when it allows rulers like the many of the ones we've had for the past 147 years. At this point in history, voting is essentially like letting a prisoner chose his jailer. It's not freedom if after the election you're still essentially in jail. Which is why, till things change, I will elect to freely abstain from voting. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil. Voting for 3rd party candidate is acknowledging and approving of a broken system. Right now what we need is a new system.

People will inevitably, and have already on many occasions, tell me to move the heck out of America if it's so durn bad. That sort of false dichotomy type of thinking is not only flat out stupid, but it's ... well, I got nothin' ... it's just stupid. America is so much more than a government. The only people who equate a country with its government are people who grew up in public school reading the history books where all history throughout time was political in nature. History and countries are much more than what a government does. It is a people, a culture, a bordered piece of land, and an ideology, among many other things. And while I may not like some of what America is, their are things that I do like about America. It's simply ignorant to tell someone to love it or leave it. It assumes that people deserve to have what they love (which they don't), and it assumes that the person thinks like you do (which they don't ... they're much wiser than you, I promise).

Finally, I'd like to offer my election prediction, if I may. What? You say I mayn't? I don't care,; it's my blog and I'll do what I like.
I think McCain will win. I think that Obama supporters will be lax on voting, because they think he's a shoe in, and McCain supporters will show up in large droves to support the underdog. It's a close enough "race" that it'll acually make a difference when it happens. Frankly, though, I really don't care what happens ... I just like predicting. I could be way off the mark. *Meh* = me not caring.
Even if Obama wins, I'd bet 200:1 that some crazy racist tries to assassinate him within the first 5 years.

There you have it folks ... my political rantology is complete. And I hope to never touch the subject again ... until the next big political event rolls around.

PS. "Etta Baker with Taj Mahal" is a fantastic album, that comes with my high approval. I suggest that anyone with discerning musical tastes, and appreciation for true American-style music, go find a copy (legal, or otherwise) and download it ... or, ya know ... buy it. That, along with anything either Etta or Taj have done individually.


Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Yes, yes, and yes. I've been concerned with the possible outcomes of this election for some time now. But a friend reminded me of one thing. This election has precisely nothing to do with the Kingdom of God. No matter what we lose as Americans, as disheartening as that may be, we win as Christians.

Keep up the ranting.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

I found you blog by noticing that my interests I listed on my profile were actually links, that when clicked provided a list of people with common interests. I thought that seemed like a fun way to find cool people. And your name happened to be near the top of the page.

I'm sure I'd be as apathetic if I were in Connecticut too. Seems you have less of a chance of finding any like minded people on the street as you do online.